Lash Sealants: Why They’re Important + How to Properly Apply

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 10th, 2023
lash sealant from The Lash Lounge

To prolong the life of your eyelash extensions and protect the beautiful investment you’ve made, using a lash sealant is a must!

Get the scoop on why and when we recommend using a lash sealant, then see Lash Lounge Stylist Shelley demonstrate the proper way to apply this go-to product to your lash line.

Why Using a Lash Sealant is Important

When you love something, you want to protect it, right? The same is true when it comes to your beloved lash line and extensions.

Using a lash sealant is important because:

  • It provides an extra layer of protection for your natural lashes.
  • It extends the life of the adhesive, locking the extension in place for a longer period of time (ideal for keeping your lash line looking its best between your biweekly refill appointments).

When to Use a Lash Sealant

Using a lash sealant is a good idea year-round, but especially during the shedding seasons: spring and fall.

This extra layer of protection is also ideal when your lashes are exposed to extra moisture from things like:

  • High humidity
  • Sweat (from exercise or an active lifestyle)
  • Swimming
  • Oily skin

Since a sealant is primarily for maintenance, you will want to wait about a week after your full set or refill appointment to apply it.

lash sealants from The Lash Lounge

Lash Armor: The Lash Lounge’s Protecting Sealant

At our salons, our go-to sealant is Lash Armor and it is available in two formulas: Onyx and Crystal.

Each blend is lightweight and contains essential vitamins including 6 natural extracts.

Our Onyx formula provides a natural, yet rich color along the lash line and perfect for those who love a darker lash appearance.

Our Crystal formula protects just the same while offering a clear protective coating and is ideal for those with active lifestyles.

The Proper Way to Apply a Lash Sealer

Both of our lash sealants are simple to apply. Take it from Shelley in the video below!

The 4-Step Lash Sealant Application Process

Let’s review!

1. Once you have pulled the brush from the tube, get any excess product off the brush by sliding the brush along the opening of the tube.

2. You only need a light amount of product on the brush. (Like Shelley said, a little goes a long way!)

3. Place the brush along the top of your lash line, as you see pictured in the first photo on the left. Then, simply graze the brush along the bonded area where your lashes and lash line meet.

4. For those with extra voluminous eyelash extensions, another sweep along the under area of your lash line can be applied. When doing this, lightly dab the brush under your lash line.

Tips for Applying Lash Armor Onyx

Since it’s tinted, our Lash Armor Onyx formula may require a little bit more focus. Here are some tips and tricks when it’s time to apply!

  • Remove the brush from the tube and notice that it looks like a mascara wand.
  • The correct way to apply: Tap the brush against the underneath part of the base of your lashes, as you see pictured in the first photo on the right.
  • The incorrect way to apply: Do not comb the brush through your lash line like you would when using mascara. Doing this, especially after applying eyeshadow and having residue on your lashes, can close the fans of your lashes off—particularly for those with volume extensions.
  • After applying correctly underneath the base of your lashes, take your brush and tap along the base of the top of your lash line.

Purchasing Lash Sealants from The Lash Lounge

For lashes that last and look their best wherever you take them, visit a Lash Lounge near you to purchase either Lash Armor sealant…or snag one during your next appointment. You will be SO glad you did!