I Want to Tell You

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I Want to Tell You

By Anonymous


I want to tell you.

I want to tell you what he did to me.

Where is the line between my responsibility as a woman to a woman and his confidence?

Is there one?


I want to tell you-

that it took me years to heal.

If an angel looked in my chest and saw my heart, they would have wept.

It had dissolved.

I shuffled through life clinging to any hope that came my way. Maybe today he would touch me… and it won’t hurt.

I don’t remember breathing, I don’t remember sunshine, or rain, or smiles, or even itching bug-bites.

I remember gray.

I remember the distant sound of my stifled soul screaming to be released.

I remember the first time I saw the rage in those steel eyes; how the terror cut through my skin and sunk into my bones to reside there for eternity, never being exorcised.

I remember the first time there was pain.

I remember that I knew it was my fault. Yes, there was overreaction, but I caused the argument in the beginning.

I remember how I told myself this.

I remember finding strength and fighting back, but knowing I had only made it worse.

I remember the first holes in a child’s door, while the child cried in fear and a mother held the door secure with all her might.

I remember when he denied it all.

I remember how that felt.

Was I really the one going crazy?

I can see the holes, and broken wands, and shattered mirrors and bottles.

I can see the flashing lights from the cars he was finally put into.

I can see the child still wrestling with the fear of him…

But, I can see the pure confusion in his eyes from his story of truth.

Was I crazy? No. These were not illusions.


I want to tell you-

how long it took for me to enjoy touch again, and how hard new partners work to make me feel safe and loved.

I filled caverns with the tears I cried while having sex I didn’t want to have.

I didn’t want to have, yet couldn’t say no.

The terror still resides in my bones.

I want to tell you-

that I still slept with him because I wasn’t going to let the demons be in control and I was determined to make it right.

I want to tell you-

that we still have sex… at least we did…


Then I saw you.


Beautiful, fresh faced, innocent.

I don’t want you to hurt.

Maybe people can change.

Maybe they can’t.

If there is change, I cannot speak.

If there is not, I should have spoken.

Where is the line?


I want to tell you-

that I am here, that I know, and that it’s not you.

When those demons, that you aren’t able to envision right now, show themselves I will fight by your side.

I will pick up my sword and smite the head from your beast if you are too weak.

I will hold up the shield if you are strong.

And I will carry you home.


Please understand and forgive why I don’t, but I want to tell you.


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