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Being a Woman – A Journey of Celebration and Discovery

By Seema Kukreja

My Mom often told me that a woman is among the most powerful species on this planet. She has been gifted with immense patience, a fountain of love, unconditional capacity to sacrifice and above all the supreme gift to give birth to a new life.pexels-photo-103127

Regardless of one’s demographics, all women have the above mentioned gifts. However, the biggest irony of modern times is that a woman herself starts questioning her very gifts, her very strengths when faced with fearful circumstances. As per Social Issue Report: September 2011: “Domestic violence has severe emotional and physical implications for women. Emotional health consequences of abuse include depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, both of which fundamentally affect the quality of a woman’s daily life and can require long-term counseling and group therapy to overcome.” My interest in this area was aroused when I played a character of the victim of a dowry death in a NC-based play called “In the Boots of Timberland”. While dowry and domestic violence are reprimanded by Law in India, its continuance raises many questions. With strong laws being passed in recent times, and changing mindset of the Indian youth especially of men towards women, the dowry deaths have decreased but they still occur.

This is just one of the examples of varied forms of violence that women are subjected to, in addition to the worldwide incidences of rape and sexual assault. No matter how and what circumstances of violence are under which a woman is subjected to, the result is the same. A woman suffers physically, emotionally and socially and her battle becomes all the more tough if she starts questioning herself, doubting herself, which is usually the case.  I feel blessed that I got a very supportive and caring life partner, who not only takes care of me but  is also a constant source of my strength. But not every girl is as blessed as I am. There are numerous stories of how a wrong partner ruined everything for a woman and hindered her overall progression in life. At this point, I feel, there is a vital need for a perspective, and an immense need to empower ourselves with so much confidence and mental strength that no evil force can break us.

Now, it may occur to you at this juncture as to who I am to handout such knowledge to you all. One of my passions in life is to be able to heal people with the power of Yoga and I will not be boasting here, if I share with you all how much change in women I have seen and witnessed amongst friends, co-workers, co-actors once they decided to practice Yoga as not only the cure but as a healing practice. If Yoga is practiced correctly along with women’s faith that they are special and strong species created by God who are not going to have anyone tell or treat them any different, it is then possible for them to completely transform themselves.  With constant practice, you will discover many ways to train and work your amazing bodies by balancing your tensions and negating your worries or any effects of a trauma you may have had as you automatically learn how to sustain a balance in your emotions, anger, and passions.

So, I strongly urge all women to first of all accept and reinforce in them every morning that they are special, and are capable to face what life unfolds. Yoga and meditation can be very effective tools in overcoming depression, low self esteem and a feeling of lethargy. While I believe that certain strides have been made in terms of women’s status in today’s’ society, more “gallops” are necessary in order for “true equality” to be realized. It is our own perception of ourselves that will make a big difference in how we think, how we project and how we succeed in lives. I would never have seen and accept opportunities and succeed in them if I did not believe in myself and I am all for supporting other women to do what they want to do. Life may not throw in its best at us but there is always a choice that we can make as to how we want to deal with a situation or a challenge thrown at us.

Mingling with like minded strong positive women, creating opportunities for each other, lending a helping hand and last but not the least celebrating womanhood will accelerate the rate of change we want to see in our society. Feminism is about a profound attitudinal change, the responsibility lies with us about how the generations see that feminism is about equality and not about hating men.

As an artist and and an avid fan of Yoga, I feel privileged to use my voice, my talent to help people. Feel free to reach out to me, if you think you can benefit from basic breathing and Yoga exercises. I truly hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And remember that considering yourself as a whole person should be your priority, you are not just someone who is born to make others happy. Once you start celebrating the womanhood in true sense, you shall be COMPLETE truly.

About Seema Kukreja

seemaSeema Kukreja is a trained actor, dancer, singer, mimicry artist, RJ, compere for local & international events. Her credits include Chakra, In their shoes, Tar Heel Tales, Secret Garden, YoMama, Premiere, LBB, Black Nativity. She takes pride in this integral body-part called “Vagina” that’s not simply limited to means of pleasure but is a very special space where humanity is born from.

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