V-Day 2020: Whose Vagina is it Anyway?

The new year is here for the V-Day Raleigh Team to bring cast and crew together, to create the next episode of Whose Vagina is it Anyway? In North Carolina and in the nation as a whole, there is opportunity to shift the language and behavior of voters to give us back our vaginas, let us have health care we need and don’t want to beg for any more.

2019 brought many troubling issues into the conversation about vaginas and the control of happenings therein. This may be the year you’ll want to be part of the event, help raise funds for InterAct, find places to advertise with posters and cards, contact TV and radio stations for live promotions, join us at the Women’s March on Sunday afternoon, January 26 to sell tickets to the Vagina Monologues.

Be sure to set aside time to come for one of the evening shows February 7 and 8, or the matinee on Saturday the 8th, performing at the Pure Life Theater, 3801 Hillsborough St Suite 113, Raleigh, NC 27607. Times and the ticket link will be posted shortly.

Contact: vdayraleigh@gmail.com Facebook: V-Day Raleigh

Coming in the next four weeks:

Women and Their Vaginas: a Herstory

posted by Judy McCord

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