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Caesar Augustus: Make Rome Great Again?

Julia Caesaris Major It was 27 BCE, Augustus was the new Caesar, and the Roman Empire was born. Augustus was a careful, conservative man. He wanted Roman families to prosper. He passed laws to return the republic to an adherence to family values. You know, a time when fathers ruled households, when wives were quiet… Continue reading Caesar Augustus: Make Rome Great Again?

Personal Testimony

They Beat the Girl out of my Boy… Or so they Tried

Initially, I didn’t think being a reader for the Vagina Monologues would have been a feasible way for me to help raise awareness about violence against women. I hadn’t thought it was feasible because my relationship with my body and how I got here is very different than most women. I had figured there wasn’t… Continue reading They Beat the Girl out of my Boy… Or so they Tried


Where Do I fit? Navigating TVM as a Genderfluid Person

by Kimmi Awiszio The Vagina Monologues has been a part of my life since 2011. The first time I auditioned, I was a self-conscious freshman in college who had never really done any theater, let alone talk about vaginas on stage. Of all things. The whole concept was absolutely wild to me, but as an upcoming feminist—it felt… Continue reading Where Do I fit? Navigating TVM as a Genderfluid Person


The Vagina Monologues Cast:

Women First. Actors? Maybe. First rehearsal 2019 Women cast for The Vagina Monologues generally audition because they believe in the cause, ending violence against women and girls using performance and creativity, with proceeds donated to local organizations supporting safe space for women and to the V-Day project worldwide. Most are not looking for acting gigs,… Continue reading The Vagina Monologues Cast:


The Baton has been Passed: V-Day 2019

V-Day's 2018-2019 Spotlight, created in collaboration with formerly incarcerated women and activists, will focus on Women in Prisons and Jails, Detention Centers, and Formerly Incarcerated Women. A direct connection exists between violence and abuse done to women and girls and the risk that those women and girls will be directly impacted by incarceration. In the U.S., 86% of women… Continue reading The Baton has been Passed: V-Day 2019

Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

By Judie Bruno Happy February! In the middle of a rather chilly winter, this month gives us the opportunity to reflect on and draw awareness to African-American History and Women’s Heart Health. Then of course February also has the dubious distinction of being tapped for National Sweet Potatoes Month, National Pet Dental Health Month, and… Continue reading Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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Do “The Vagina Monologues” Still Matter?

I remember my first period. I was 11 years old. I was a figure skater at the time, and I was at the rink. It was after my lesson. I remember asking my mom for a quarter so I could get a pad. It wasn’t a big deal. I had sex ed. I knew it… Continue reading Do “The Vagina Monologues” Still Matter?