Eyelash Extensions Before & After

Eyelash Extensions Before & After Transformations at The Lash Lounge

Thinking about eyelash extensions but not quite sure how they’d look on you?

Everyone is different, your lash extensions should be unique, too! That’s why our eyelash extensions are custom to every guest. No off-the-shelf menu here! Our expert stylists design the perfect custom lash look, from subtle and sweet to big and bold, taking into account your face shape, eye profile and preferences 

Thanks to the four steps we take at The Lash Lounge: application method, lash level, lash curl, and finishing touches—NO two sets of extensions are the same!

To give you a sense of the one-of-a-kind looks provided by the stylists at The Lash Lounge, we’ve compiled some photos of our guests both before and after eyelash extensions so you can see just how magical the difference can be!

How Your Lash Transformation Begins at The Lash Lounge

When you come in, your professional stylist will work with you to help you choose the perfect style for your face and your goals.  

First, you’ll pick the three customizable elements of your look:

  1. Application Method (foundation)
  2. Lash Level (fullness)
  3. Lash Curl (shape)

Your stylist will assess your natural lashes so they can select the lash lengths and thicknesses safe for your natural lashes. Then they will use their extensive training on our exclusive lash design technique to bring your final look to life, elevating your appearance to your most beautiful YOU!

Check Out These Pictures of Lash Extension Before and After’s

Before you head into The Lash Lounge for your first full set of lash extensions, let’s do a little bit of lash-visioning.

Eyelash Extensions Before & After

Let these before and after lash extensions inspire and guide your imagination!

Conquering Chic With Classic Lashes Before & After

classic eyelash extensions before Before
classic eyelash extensions after After

Jennifer’s Lash Look

  • Lash Curl: D
  • Application Method: Classic
  • Lash Level: 3

Mixing It up With Hybrid Lashes Before & After

hybrid eyelash extensions before Before
hybrid eyelash extensions after After

Bree’s Lash Look

  • Lash Curl: D
  • Application Method: Hybrid
  • Lash Level: 3

Going Big With Volume Lashes Before & After

Going Big With Volume Lashes Before & After Before
Volume eyelash extensions after After

Sarah’s Lash Look

  • Lash Curl: D
  • Lash Type: Silk
  • Application Method: Volume
  • Lash Level: 3

Maxing It Out With Mega Volume Lashes Before & After*

volume eyelash extensions before Before
volume eyelash extensions after After

Katrina’s Lash Look

  • Lash Curl: C
  • Lash Type: Silk
  • Application Method: Mega Volume*
  • Lash Level: 3 (applies to all mega volume looks)

*Mega volume lashes are available at select locations only; please call your local salon for availability.

See for Yourself What You Look Like in Lash Extensions

Got the perfect lash look idea brewing? Visit a Lash Lounge near you to get your full set of eyelash extensions scheduled!

And, if you’re still undecided about the exact look you’d like to try, don’t worry! Every appointment begins with a lash consultation where you and your stylist will walk through each step of the customization process. We even have our Lash Catalog with more incredible lash transformations for you to view!

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit The Lash Lounge and see for yourself! Whether you just want a subtle enhancement to your natural lashes or full-on glam,  our stylists will help you find the perfect lash look!

Short answer: Yes! Because our lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, they seamlessly blend into your lash line. If you’re looking for a simple and clean look, we recommend sticking to “Classic: Level 1” with a C curl. Our stylists can help you find the best customizations for your desired lashes.

Lash extensions from The Lash Lounge are made out of a premium synthetic polyester blend and undergo a double heat-roll process to ensure a consistent, long-lasting curl!