Lash Lift

A World of Difference with One Simple Lash Lift

An eyelash lift is a perfect option for anyone interested in beautifully curled lashes without the effort. A lash lift is just the thing you need to give your eyes that extra wow factor! Our guests love getting a lash lift because it makes life easier. With an eyelash lift, you’ll wake up every morning with perfectly curled lashes for up to eight weeks. Easy and beautiful—an eyelash lift is the pick-me-up you need.


An eyelash lift takes your straight lashes and transforms them into a lasting curl for up to eight weeks! At The Lash Lounge, our expert stylists use silicone lifting rods to achieve the perfect, safe custom curl for your natural lashes. We’ll help you pick the curl that best complements your eye shape and other facial features. We then use a gentle adhesive to adhere your lashes to the rod and set the curl in place. It’s like a perm for your lashes. The entire process takes less than an hour!

Lash lifts are commonly paired with eyelash tinting—known as a lift and tint.

woman with lash lift crossing arms


A lift and tint is a lash lift followed by eyelash tinting. Why combine them? It’ll marry the eyelash lift you love with a dark and beautiful color to make your eyes really pop!

Our professional stylists work with you to choose the best color for your perky new lashes. We’ll choose colors that complement both your skin tone and your lovely locks. The dyes we use are 100% safe and gentle, but if you have allergies or allergy sensitivities, we recommend calling your local Lash Lounge before scheduling an appointment. The tinting process takes about 30 minutes. For up to four weeks after your lift and tint, your lashes will be lively and dark—with little to no maintenance.

woman with an eyelash lift smiling in a cafe after receiving eyelash services

Lift & Tint Before & After Photos

closeup of eye before a lash lift at The Lash Lounge Before
closeup of a an eye after a lash lift at The Lash Lounge After

These photos show one of our guests before and after she received a lift and tint. Isn’t the strong, tight curl paired with the deep black tinted eyelashes beautiful? She also had her eyebrows tinted graphite brown. Eyebrow tinting is commonly done in combination with eyelash tinting. Learn more about our eyebrow and eyelash tinting services.


  • We’ll find a custom curl that complements your features.
  • The lash lift lasts up to eight weeks.
  • You can shower, swim and sweat without worry.
  • It completely simplifies your morning routine.
  • For extra boldness, consider a lift and tint.


Are you ready to say sayonara to your mascara? Simplify your morning routine with an elegant eyelash lift. No more lash curlers. No more clumpy makeup. Contact your local Lash Lounge to make an appointment today. With a custom lash lift—or lift and tint!—you’ll always wake up looking gorgeous and feeling fabulous.

Frequently Asked Questions

An eyelash lift will last for up to eight weeks. Your stylist will work with you to develop a maintenance schedule that works best for your lashes.

Professional lash lifts are gentle and safe. They save you time by eliminating a step in your routine and reducing the need for additional products and at-home curling.

Pricing may vary by location. Contact The Lash Lounge nearest you for accurate price information.

Yes. Following the first 24 hours after your service, you may apply mascara as usual after an eyelash lift.