What to Expect During Your Lash Extension Appointment

What to Expect When Getting Lash Extensions

Hooray! You finally booked your first lash extension appointment. We’re SO excited for you! Wondering what to expect during the lash extension process and all about how to prepare for your first eyelash extensions? Totally normal! Allow us to break it down for you.


When you walk through our doors, you’ll immediately be greeted by our friendly front-desk staff…who will be just as excited as you for your first full set of eyelash extensions! Settle into one of our comfortable lobby chairs and enjoy a glass of water while your lash stylist preps and sanitizes your service area.

Lash Consultation Time

Next, your lash stylist will guide you back into our service area. It’s now time for your one-on-one lash consultation! You’ll briefly discuss your health history to make sure lashing is safe for you. Then it’ll be time to customize your lash look! Your stylist will walk you through all the options!

Let The Relaxation Begin!

The best part is finally here! Lie back and sink into your luxury lash bed as your stylist gets to work. Rest your legs on a comfy bolster as your natural lashes get a lash bath. Your lash stylist will cleanse your eye area, then prep it for the lash service with cooling under-eye pads. Already feel yourself dozing off into a lash nap? Yep, we thought so!

Lash Lounge stylist assists a guest with her lash consultation.

Reveal Moment!

2–3 hours later (depending on your lash look), it’ll be time for the big lash reveal! Your stylist will gently remove the cooling under-eye pads and comb through your lashes one final time. Then, the mirror moment: Admire your beautiful, new lashes!

Retail Tour

After obsessing over your full, fluffy lash line, your stylist will walk you to our retail wall to show you which products are essential to protecting the investment you just made. We’re talking the products for better lash extension retention, healthy and beautiful lashes. Once you make your selections, you’ll walk over to the front desk to check out and book your refill appointment.

Leave Feeling Good As New

Your brand-new lashes will have you feeling and looking top-notch. As you make your exit, you’ll feel ready to face the world with CONFIDENCE. Since you’re now a lash-lover for life, be sure to check out our membership program!

Lash Lounge guest looking at her new lash extensions with a handheld mirror while her lash stylist stands to the side.

How to Prepare for Your Lash Extension Appointment

Wondering how to prepare for eyelash extensions before heading to the salon? Here are some dos and don’ts on what to do before getting lash extensions (Don’t worry—they’re easy!).

DON’T Wear Contact Lenses

Glasses day! We recommend taking your contact lenses out before your lash extension service since your eyes will be closed for a while and no one loves a dry eye! After your service, you can put your lenses back in and wear as normal.

DO Wear Comfy Clothes

Since you’ll be lying still for 2–3 hours, warm and comfy clothes will be your best friend—think yoga pants and oversized sweaters—perfect for your lash nap!

DON’T Drink Coffee

Sorry, but you’ll have to skip your morning cup of joe prior to your appointment. Caffeine can make it difficult to keep still during your appointment—no one wants a fluttery eye during a lash service!

DO Bring Something to Relax

Your first full set can take anywhere from 2–3 hours. If you’re not one to doze off into a lash nap, we recommend bringing headphones to listen to your favorite music, podcast or audiobook while your stylist works their lash magic.

DON’T Wear Makeup

It’s important you arrive to your appointment with a clean face. This also means no lash curling beforehand. Be sure to remove all eye makeup and avoid applying creams or oils on and around your eye area. This lets your stylist quickly prep your lashes for your service.

Lash extension preparation is key! Now that you know what to expect and all the best practices for preparing for eyelash extensions, make sure you know all our lash aftercare tips and book your refill! We can’t wait to see you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your first full set of lash extensions will take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the lash look you select and the stylist you book with. Don’t worry: Lash fills are much quicker—typically around an hour!

No, you cannot wear contacts during lash extensions appointments. Closing your eyes for an extended period can dry out your eyes or lead to irritation. Make it a “glasses day” or bring your contact case with you to pop them out before you lie back for your service. Put them back in as soon as you’re done!

To keep your eyes closed during your lash extensions appointment, come prepared to relax! Lie back on the comfortable salon bed, then pop in your headphones to disappear into your favorite music, podcast or audiobook. Lash extension application is pain free and so light and gentle, you probably won’t even feel it!

Lash extensions, when performed by a licensed and certified lash tech, are not painful. In fact, the service is so soft and gentle, you probably won’t even feel it! After your service, you won’t even notice them; they’ll feel like your natural lashes…but with all the fullness and length you crave!

Lash extensions last for two weeks before a fill. That’s because you naturally shed about 20% of your eyelashes every two weeks. As your eyelashes go through the natural shedding cycle and they fall off, the lash extensions attached to them fall off, too.