5 Fast Facts About Eyebrow Threading and the Benefits You Didn’t Know

  • Published
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  • January 3rd, 2022
Guest receiving eyebrow threading at The Lash Lounge

Get Your Brows in Shape With Eyebrow Threading

If your brows need a makeover, eyebrow threading can work wonders! While eyebrow trends come and go, one thing’s for sure: Almost all of us can use a shape-up from time to time!

Enter: eyebrow threading. This centuries-old hair removal process remains relevant today for its safety and effectiveness.

So, what’s the low-down on this brow sculpting technique? See below for 5 facts about this fabulous service!

Top 5 Eyebrow Threading Facts

1. Is Eyebrow Threading Safe?

Eyebrow threading is a safe method of hair removal. At The Lash Lounge, our expert stylists complete an extensive training and certification program to offer this service to guests.

During eyebrow threading, stylists use a professional hand-held Helix tool to remove the hair—a method much more sanitary than other options on the market. (Yes, you have heard right—some other salons brace the thread with their mouths…yuck!)

2. Threaded Eyebrows Give Long-Lasting Results!

Threading eyebrows achieve longer-lasting results than plucking!

Plucking and waxing lasts 2–4 weeks, while eyebrow threading lasts for how long, you ask? Wait for it…up to 4 weeks!

3. Eyebrow Threading Gives You Precise Results!

Brow threading removes an entire row of hairs at a time, which will give your brows a more precise shape.

A stylist threading eyebrows on a guest at The Lash Lounge


If you have ever experienced ingrown hairs after plucking, you won’t have to worry about that with threading.


Brow threading will not irritate your skin like waxing often can. The only thing touching your skin during the process is the thread. This means it’s a sanitary process with minimal impact on the health of your skin! Plus, we use a gentle toner following your service to soothe the threaded area and reduce redness.

Eyebrow Threading FAQs

What is eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is an effective and sanitary method of hair removal to define (and dote on) your brows! Using a coil of thread, the eyebrow hairs are removed from the root without any use of chemicals or harsh tugging. Guests with sensitive skin, rejoice!

How does eyebrow threading work?

During the service, The Lash Lounge’s expert stylists use a professional hand-held Helix tool to gently slide a thread coil against your hair growth until your skin is smooth and clear! This lifts the hairs directly from the root to give a precise finish our guests love!

Eyebrow Threading and Tinting: A Match Made in Heaven

Ready to get threaded brows? Before you make your appointment, consider pairing it with an eyebrow tint! Trust us: These two sister services are the perfect pair!

To learn more about how eyebrow tinting can embolden your sculpted brows, read our additional 5 tips for eyebrow tinting!