Get Textured and Fuller Eyelash Extensions with Hybrid Lashes

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  • March 1st, 2023
Woman with hybrid lashes at The Lash Lounge

If you’ve been on the hunt for fuller eyelash extensions that pack a punch of personality, look no further than hybrid lash extensions. Our guests LOVE our hybrid lash extensions because they give your lashes texture, fullness and the right amount of va-va-voom! And because each lash look at The Lash Lounge is customized just for you, they’ll beautifully fit your features and naturally emphasize your eyes.

Be sure to give hybrid lashes a try at your next lash appointment.

What Are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

“Hybrid” refers to the application method. In a hybrid lash application, we achieve fabulous fullness and gorgeous texture by combining two different lash extension application methods.

At The Lash Lounge, we apply hybrid lashes by strategically intermingling our classic and volume lash applications across your natural lash line. Hybrid lashes are the perfect choice for anyone looking for more drama than our classic lashes but a less bold look than volume lashes.

What’s the Difference Between Classic and Hybrid Lashes?

In our classic application method, we attach one lash extension to your natural lash. With hybrid lashes, we can achieve a fuller and more texturized look than a standard classic lash look because we alternate classic lashes with volume lashes across your lash line.

What about Hybrid vs. Volume Lash Extensions?

In our volume application method, we attach an ultra-light fan of 2–6 lash extensions to your natural lash across your lash line! In other words, when compared to hybrid lashes, no classic lashes here!

close-up of woman's blue eyes with hybrid lash extensions

Why Are Hybrid Lashes Different at The Lash Lounge?

The Lash Lounge hybrid application method features the perfect combination of the two things our guests love most: length and fullness. Our stylists apply your lash extensions to fit your features. Using The Lash Lounge’s exclusive lash design technique, stylists hand-place and layer lash extensions across your natural eyelashes to bring out beautiful YOU.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Take to Apply?

A hybrid full set typically takes between 2–3 hours to apply. For a hybrid refill, you’re in and out in about an hour. You shouldn’t expect any change to your relaxing lash naps in our salon if you’re a classic or volume regular! Consider working with a senior or master stylist for quicker appointment times (if available at your local salon).

How Long do Hybrid Lashes Last?

Like classic and volume lashes, hybrid lash extensions shed at the rate of your natural lashes. We recommend coming in every two weeks for a lash fill to keep your lash line looking its fullest! A Lash Lounge membership helps you keep on top of that … for less!

Reasons to LOVE Your Textured and Full Hybrid Lash Extensions

  • A fuller lash line—If you’ve tried classic lash extensions but are looking to add a little extra volume, hybrid lashes offer a more dramatic lash line with the perfect blend of fullness and texture.
  • An affordable alternative to volume lashes—Hybrid lashes offer a volumized lash line that is an affordable alternative to our volume application method.
  • A texturized look—A more texturized lash look happens when you mix classic and volume lashes. You’ll nail the dramatic eye look you want.

Go for drama while still getting that natural hybrid lash extension look to love. Hybrid lashes are just the lift your life needs, so why not relax in a Lash Lounge salon for a bit and get your first set of hybrid lash extensions?

Make the Switch to Hybrid Lashes Today!

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