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Mid-shot of stylish red head woman with lash extensions and smiling

Managing Lash Services & Eye Makeup During Allergy Season

October 9, 2023
As the weather changes, most of us begin to grapple with seasonal allergies. (No fun!! 🙅🏽‍♀️) This can be particularly challenging if you wear eye makeup or have lash extensions. Why? Watery, itchy eyes and sneezing can make makeup application difficult, resulting in more smears or smudges throughout the day.…
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A close-up of a woman lying down with her eyes closed with lash extensions

How Eyelashes (and Eyebrows) Protect Your Eyes

September 29, 2023
Lashes and brows not only give structure to your facial features, but they also help you share expressions and overall make your look unique. But that can’t be the only thing, right? There’s more to our lashes and brows than meets the eye. 👀 In fact, why do we have…
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Our Favorite Low-Maintenance Makeup Looks

September 14, 2023
Wearing makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a low-maintenance makeup routine is easy if you choose the right products and enhancement services. See some of our favorite makeup looks that are not only easy to apply but will amplify your appearance like never before! How To Keep Makeup…
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Mid-shot of woman safely washing her face with lash extensions

Eyelash Extension Aftercare for Skincare Lovers

September 8, 2023
This one’s for our skincare aficionados! Are you under the (common) misconception that lash extensions may prevent you from enjoying your beloved skincare products? Best news: That simply isn’t true! 🙌 Read below to learn how to enjoy your favorite skincare products AND protect your beautiful lash extensions … First,…
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Tips + Lash and Brow Services for Sensitive Skin

August 31, 2023
Have sensitive skin but still interested in the benefits of lash and brow services? 🤔 When you have skin sensitivities, the first instinct can be to strip back your beauty routines and minimize the products you use. But this can come to the detriment of your lash and brow look.…
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3D contoured sleep mask for lash extensions on a table next to flowers in a jar

Lash Safety 101—How to Protect Your Eyelash Extensions

August 18, 2023
You love your lashes. You’ve made an investment in them. So, why not protect them the best you can, right? Over our years of helping guests at The Lash Lounge get the gorgeous lashes they deserve; we’ve encountered some lash accidents (lashcidents?) and avoidable encounters that seem to be more…
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