Create a Viral-Worthy Post To Share Your Lash Look

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  • November 21st, 2023
young hispanic woman with lash extensions looking at cell phone

You FINALLY got lash extensions. You love them. Wait, no… you’re obsessed with them. You want to show the world! But how?

From lash extension hashtags, captions, quotes (and more) learn how to create a simple yet viral-worthy social media post to show off your gorgeous, new lashes!

Smile, Camera, Snap Those Lash Extensions!

The first thing you want to do when creating a post to show off your new lashes is snap some pics, or as we like to call them: Lash selfies! 🤳 See below for a few of our top tips so you can secure the perfect shot!

Tip 1: Location (yes, even for a lash selfie) is key. 🔑 Since you want your lash line to be the focus of your photo, try to take your selfie in an area without too many background distractions or clutter. Wondering if a car selfie is acceptable? You betcha!

Tip 2: Good lighting is a MUST for a killer lash selfie (or video). Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re all about natural light. ☀️ Nothing too warm, too cool or overly filtered that distorts lighting. This also means that taking a photo in a dark space is most likely not going to do your lash extensions justice. Try a naturally lit space OR use a ring light. (Hello, Amazon!)

close-up of woman's face with a full set of lash extensions

Tip 3: No blurred lines wanted here! 🙅🏽‍♀️ We have several pet peeves and one is blurry lash pics. When you’re getting ready to snap, make sure your eyes are in focus so the shot doesn’t come out blurry. Another GREAT TIP that most people don’t think about: clean your lens on your phone! Even a quick wipe with a cloth or your shirt will do wonders for capturing a crisp and clear photo!

Tip 4: A stunning lash selfie is all about the lashes. Minimal eye makeup and smudge-free eyes seems like a no-brainer but we’ve seen some doozies . 😳 Another biggie if you want a b-e-a-u-tiful lash pic: make sure your brows are groomed. A luxe lash line paired with unkempt or unruly brows is not a pretty combo. Lastly, make sure your lashes are combed and in place.

Sometimes that perfect lash selfie could’ve been achieved if you had only grabbed your trusted lash wand and given those beauties a fluff!

We could go on and on (and onnnnnn), but we’ll stop here cause the 4 tips above are the biggies in our book!

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Lash Extension Hashtags, Lash Quotes For Instagram & More

No lash extension post or Reel is complete without a killer caption. Here are some tips
for creating just that!

• While we love a play on words, short and sweet is best. Come up with a few catchy words or a single sentence vs a lengthy caption. (This is no time to write a book. 📖)
• To hashtag or not to hashtag? If you want your post to gain some traction, lash extension hashtags are a MUST! See some popular ones to use for showing off your lash line: #newlashes #lashesfordays #fullsetlashes #lashday #lashesonpoint #mylashes #lashesofinstagram #lashobsessed #lashesforlife #lashextensionreels #lashlover … and many more!

mid-shot of black woman in floral shirt with lash extensions

We also suggest:

  • Including your lash application details in a hashtag like: #classiclashextensions #fullsetvolume #Ccurl #hybridlashextensions and so on.
  • Hopping on the outlet you’ll be posting to and looking up some hashtags for inspo is always a good idea.
  • And of course, tag your lash salon. They could share it to their social pages which could give your post an even bigger boost!

Another creative way to caption your photo is by using lash extension quotes for Instagram or quotes best suited for the outlet you’re posting to. Do some research on quotes and take your pick! To get you started, here are some fun ones:

But first, lashes!

So long mascara, HELLO lash extensions!

Good lashes. Good mood!

Yeah, I lift…to brush my lashes.

Live, love, LASH

The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes!

Take Your Lash Posts Up A Notch

The truth is, we could write A LOT of blogs with tips and tricks for lash posts on social media. Aside from a stunning pic, creative captions, hashtags and quotes, there are also GIF’s, cute lash backgrounds and music that can take your lash posts up a notch.

Since we don’t have time to dive into more details (if only) here’s our final tip: do some research and ask your lash stylist for their tips and tricks at your next lash appointment. Talk about the perfect topic with your lash tech on lash day! 😉