One Senior Stylist’s Passion for a Job She Loves at The Lash Lounge

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  • January 3rd, 2022
hispanic woman happy and smiling at her job as a lash technician at The Lash Lounge salon

Learn about the passion senior lash stylist, Meloiza has for her job and how she has used that passion to teach and inspire fellow lash technicians to master their craft at The Lash Lounge.

A Calling to a Career at The Lash Lounge

After working as a licensed esethetician for a few years, Meloiza’s personal passion for the health and wellness industry collided during a chance meeting with a childhood friend who was the manager of a new, local salon in the area, The Lash Lounge. Her friend urged her to strongly consider joining her in this new venture where Meloiza could continue doing what she loved most, lashes.

After working on her own for several years, the thought of a supportive team environment sounded like a refreshing change of pace and in November, 2018, Meloiza began working at The Lash Lounge Cranston – Chapel View as a senior stylist. There, she was able to continue customizing lash looks, including on many of her beloved guests who had followed her (talk about loyalty!).

Favorite Lash and Brow Services to Customize on Her Guests

Meloiza loves so much about her job as a stylist. You name it—from lash extensions to her favorite brow service, you can see it on her face when she walks through the salon doors each day.

closeup of eye closed with long eyelash extensions full fluffy volume

When it comes to customizing lash looks for her guests, her favorite word is VOLUME! “My favorite application would be a volume set at any lash level that accentuates her eyes. I feel that for the amount of time, effort and money invested into the lifestyle, the best output and results are immediately given through more volume.”

When she’s not pumping up the volume, Meloiza is all about getting her brow threading game on! “I love threading! Hair removal and brow shaping are what I’ve done long before lashing and I think our brows are the second most important feature after our eyes. Threading not only gives style and an overall framed look, but the recurring appointments are proof of trust and patience the guest builds for me. I always feel honored to be chosen to thread a guest.”

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Finding Purpose and Passion at The Lash Lounge

No matter what you do for a living, finding your purpose and passion can be tough, but when you do what you love, it becomes easier to find along the way.

This is exactly what Meloiza found after following her passion for lashes. She found that through her job as a senior stylist, she has a true passion for training others to lash and excel in their craft. “It feels so rewarding to have a team of lash stylists to not only train, but to mentor and share everything I’ve learned over the years.”

side closeup view of one closed eye of woman during a lash extension application with tweezers applying the lash extension to her natural eyelash

Here at The Lash Lounge, offering our stylists continued education opportunities is so important to us. Meloiza is a shining example of how hard work, determination and a passion for learning pays off. “I’ve had the honor of being trained by almost all of the incredible Lash Lounge trainers. The instructional videos on our portal have also become a great resource for fundamental protocols and standards that every stylist, no matter what level experience, can access.”

Meloiza’s Message to Future Lash Stylists

“I get asked a lot by people interested in learning the skill of lashing what it takes. I am always honest from the start because I’ve seen too many people start but never continue. So, I first ask, ‘Do you have good eyes, steady hands and great listening skills?’ And most importantly, ‘Are you committed to challenging yourself every day?’ I tell them that, of all my experience in beauty services, lashing is what feeds my needs and fuels my passion for problem solving, creative design and making personal connections with people.”

Find Your Career Calling at The Lash Lounge

If you have a passion for the beauty industry, a love for lashes and you simply adore “learning something new every day” like Meloizza, then a career at The Lash Lounge just might be calling your name!