Why Is Lash Stylist Madison Passionate About Working at The Lash Lounge? OPPORTUNITY.

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  • January 3rd, 2022
purpose and opportunity featuring lash lounge stylist Madison

Why do lash stylists love working at The Lash Lounge? Simple: opportunity, education, joy, art—the list could go on!  

To keep us honest, we knew we had to go straight to the source. So, today, we’re sitting down with Lash Stylist Madison from The Lash Lounge Keller – Keller Marketplace to see why she loves life as part of the #lashloungetribe. 


photo of an eyelash extension stylist in the salon with a beautiful smile and long red hair

Meet Madison, Lash Stylist from The Lash Lounge Keller  in Texas

Originally from Idaho, Madison has been living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a few yearsIf you don’t find her reading one of her favorite books or cuddling up with her pup, Rosie, you will find her lashing like a bosswhich she’s been doing at the Keller, Texas salon for 2 years now.  

Why She Loves Working at The Lash Lounge

Madison has a true passion for lashes and making her guests feel comfortable and gorgeous, which makes every day at The Lash Lounge the BEST. DAY. EVER! 

Just like Stylist Chelbi LynnMadison says choosing to be a Lash Lounge stylist comes down to that incredible feeling: 

“When a guest tells me that they trust me to do what I think will be beautiful and then I hand them the mirror and they say, Oh my gosh! It’s better than anything I could have ever asked for!’—that’s my favorite part about my job.”  

close-up of volume eyelash extensions on woman

Madison’s Favorite Customized Services 

Customized lash extensions, particularly our new mega volume eyelash extension application method (available at select locations only), are her favorite service. 

But if she had to choose a close second, Madison loves brow threading. “I love a guest’s reaction to how big of a difference just a simple cleanup can make to her brows!”

Career With Continued Opportunities  

Madison’s skill and passion for lashes shines. So much so that, earlier this year, she was promoted to senior stylist 

I want to be known for being kind and putting others first, while working so hard to achieve my goals. I love that The Lash Lounge stays relevant and gives us the opportunities needed to further our careers.”  

Exterior shot of The Lash Lounge salon with lush green landscape

Madison’s Message to Future Lash Lounge Stylists 

Looking to pursue a lashing career of your own? 

Madison says: 

You should work at The Lash Lounge because you will have opportunities, make lifelong relationships and friendships with your fellow artists and guests and, honestly, you will just have so much fun. Just make sure you have a real passion for lashing.”  

Career Opportunities at The Lash Lounge

We are a lashobsessed family focused on growth and success! We take pride in our stylists’ training, certification, continuing education and enrichment. 

If you’re looking for a “lashing” career you, too, can be passionate aboutapply today.