How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

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  • March 2nd, 2023
Woman standing in front of a mirror preparing to clean her lash extensions

Eyelash extensions instantly elevate your look. Compared to mascara or falsies, extensions from The Lash Lounge offer a long-lasting lash alternative and are an easy choice for beautiful lashes. Follow our aftercare tips for eyelash extension care to keep yours looking full and flawless!

Get the deets on how to care for eyelash extensions so you can keep loving them … and loving YOU! 💜

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

While we encourage you to review our step-by-step lash extension aftercare instructions, there are some general recommendations all extension wearers should be familiar with when it comes to caring for eyelash extensions.

Take note of these 5 LASH TIPS that will help you maintain that full lash line between refills:

Lash Detox foaming cleanser product sitting on a marble countertop with dried lavender surrounding the product.

1. Wash Your Face and Keep Your Lashes Clean

Yes, even with lash extensions it’s essential to wash your face—not just for your skincare routine, but for your lash line too! Build-up of makeup, oil, skin cells and other debris can collect along your lash line causing your lashes to look clumpy and dirty. Not washing your lashes may even contribute to premature shedding. (And we know you don’t want that!! 🙅🏽‍♀️)

Start your skincare routine with our Gel Eye Makeup Remover. This product is oil and alcohol-free, eyelash extension safe AND gentle enough to use daily as an all-over makeup remover. (Gotta love double-duty products!) Not only does it cleanse like a dream, but it works to soothe and moisturize your skin.

For cleaning your eyelash extensions, you’ll want to choose a specific cleanser for daily use like our Lash Detox foaming cleanser. This product is oil-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan. The best part is that it’s available in two formulas: unscented and tea tree. Both formulas are made with a unique blend of 10 natural extracts that boast anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To say our guests LOVE both cleansers would be an understatement!

2. Always Choose Lash-Friendly Makeup

For many, the beauty of lash extensions is that you have lovely, long, full lashes without having to wear a stitch of mascara or eye makeup! But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Both mascara and eyeliner CAN be worn with your eyelash extensions as long as you select a lash extension-friendly product.

For all you mascara lovers, our Amplify + Extend – Mascara Duo is formulated to not only lengthen but to also volumizing your lashes. For fans of eyeliner, we recommend choosing a water-based eyeliner. Why? 🤔 Makeup products that are water-based are safe for lash extension adhesive AND you’ll find it much easier to remove with a gentle cleanser. (Hooray for less scrubbing!)

3. Apply a Lash Sealant

When it comes to adding an extra layer of protection to your lash extensions, have we got just the thing for you: a lash sealant! This works as a protective topcoat for your extensions and is designed for daily use to protect, seal and strengthen the adhesive bond between your extensions and your natural lashes. At The Lash Lounge we have our own formula called Lash Armor. Like our cleansers, this product is available in two options: Crystal and Onyx. Each will protect your extensions between fills while one offers a darker coating and another is a clear coating. Get the full 4-1-1 on our Lash Armors here.

4. Avoid Friction and Irritation

Did you know that itching, rubbing or tugging on your lashes may loosen the extension adhesive? It’s a lash fact! Similarly, it’s possible that a windy speedboat ride or even a saltwater dip may reduce your adhesive’s effectiveness.

However, we do firmly believe that your lash extensions should NOT keep you from normal activities. The solution is simple! Include a slight tweak to your routine to reduce friction and buildup on the lash line as much as possible.

Easy examples of HOW to do this include:

  • wear a lash-safe sleep mask (check out our 3D Contoured Sleep Mask!)
  • switch to a silk pillowcase (great for hair health, too)
  • use lash-safe goggles anywhere you swim (pool, ocean, lake, you name it!)🤿

5. Schedule Regular Refills

Of ALL the tips we’ve shared, this one is the big kahuna!

Here’s the deal: your lash line should be filled every two weeks to maintain your desired look. This is essential  to keeping your bi-weekly appointments so that you can maintain a full, luscious lash line that turns heads!

Woman receiving a lash refill at The Lash Lounge to take care of her lash extensions

The hard truth (yes, we gotta go there): the longer you wait for a fill, the more your natural lashes are likely to shed. This means more gaps in your lash line.😩 Worse—waiting too long between refills may mean you require a new full set. And we KNOW you don’t want that!

More Lash Extension Tips

But wait, there’s always more to learn about your extensions. Snag these quick eyelash extension tips so YOU can get the very most out of your new look:

  • When your lashes are wet and need drying, don’t rub them—pat them dry.
  • Use a lash wand to gently brush your lashes once a day (in the morning, after bathing or washing your face).
  • Choose lotions and body washes carefully, as they may contain ingredients harmful to your lash adhesive.
  • (We saved the best for last!) Become a member at The Lash Lounge! This will save you money AND you’ll get to enjoy perks like two lash refills per month plus discounts on products and services. A membership will take the guesswork out of your monthly schedule AND budget. 🙌 Not to mention how much your lashes and wallet will thank you!

Maintain Your Extensions with Help from The Lash Lounge

Whether you’re new to lashes or looking to learn more about maintaining your beloved lash look, we’re here to help! Our stylists are experts in their field and have a wealth of information to share.

So, GO FOR IT! Schedule an appointment at The Lash Lounge nearest you for a new full set or refill.